Commissioned Art Work

Art  has unlimited possibilities. Here at Edgy Elani Artisan Events we take our art to the next level. We use our art skills to help our customers obtain a quality piece of art to put up in their home, to give as a gift, or to simply enjoy the pleasure of. We do not draw a line in the sand when it comes to art. No job is to small or too big for Edgy Elani. We love to experiment, we love to create, we love to impress. All items are hand painted to fit each customers request. One-of-a-kind gift, found no where else. 

Wall Paintings

Paint On An Object

Tailoring our customers desires is critical to the time and work we put in to creating a fashionably beautiful piece of art that fits their style. We can provide any piece of art work for real estate setups, offices, or your own home. We have created living room paintings on slabs of wood, we don't limit what canvas we use. 

Who says we can't paint art on a trash can? Why not! We provide art studios, art teachers, props for acting stages and more with hand painted artwork to fit their needs. 

Hand Painted Games

Sports Paintings

Some customers like to build, but are not able to paint, That is where we come in. Some business owners create their own magic, and then request our artistic hand painted work. 

There is nothing better than presenting your loved one with a specialized painting of their sport and number as a gift. We specialize in sports paintings for wall decoration, or memorandum. 


Hand Painted Typography

Yes... we do it. Some customers love bling, love shiny items sparkling as people walk on by. We can bedazzle shoes, phones, art, you name it we do it!

We do hand painted typography signs for businesses, weddings, gift cards, gift certificates, notes, and more. We are delicately keen to each and every detail on every piece we do. 

Our Mission:

We seek to bring new, young artist to our team to teach, and lead them into the world of creativity. We desire to have our company as an open outlet for young thriving artist to have an opportunity at art development, entrepreneurship, and community. Edgy Elani opens those doors by connecting them with local business to sell their art, and customers who desire commissioned quality art. 

What We Value: 

We value people, community, and art. Edgy Elani's personal art name is Ekomorebi Art. "Komorebi" is a term that describes the light that shines through a forest a trees. We use it as a metaphor to describe the lives of artistic people who as they stare into this light all else around begins to dim, as if staring into the sky and forgetting what is in front of us. We value peoples desires to find ways to express themselves in a challenging world. We value peoples desires to express their individuality. We value a community of people who support each other, and encourage each other in a world where we find it so easy to be discouraged. We value the quality of creative, hand designed work by people who love to design, create, and build.

Why Quality Is Important To Us:

We use top of the chart art products, quality paint, and canvases to create art on. It is important to use to have our customer satisfied with a product that is long lasting, not just  something that withers away. Our goal is sell art products and artwork that will forever be remembered, will emotionally touch the lives of the customer, and or will leave our customers smiling... forever.


Washington, D.C.

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