Experience the Edginess

Giving Your Event The Very Best Entertainment 

Over 20 Years of Studio Art Education

Over 7 Years of Event Planning

Over 11 Years of Working With Children

 Elani Vogt has extensive years of experience in art, event planning, and working with children. She is known as the "Renaissance Woman" who possesses a treasure box of artistic abilities. She has conglomerated every art and entertainment services into one company, Edgy Elani Artisan Events provides her community with the very best services at their hand to make party planning easy.
Art Rocks Our World! We want to keep art alive in our community. By doing that our company will provide an unimaginable, creative, artistic experience for every event, and offer the best top quality art services to our community. 

Why Does it Matter?

It has always been our goal to prove the most unique party experience possible to our customers. Edginess and uniqueness that cannot be found anywhere else. 
The only way to accomplish this was to provide our community with every party service possible for children, church carnivals, private parties, and the local community. We have sought to improve each event, and continuously provide more and more edgy parties. We seek for our customers to obtain the party entertainment and services they need at ease. 

See How Our Experience Has Made Events Amazing


Washington, D.C.

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