The Gorgeous Art of Henna

Individual Sessions

Are you looking for a henna session just for yourself? Or maybe you want to bring a friend or two for some special pampering? Edgy Elani's Henna individual sessions are the perfect way to test-drive a tattoo or celebrate a special day!

Bridal Henna

We offer a free consultation to discuss the details for your special design that will be unique for your wedding experience. Just need a minimal henna accent or a full design? Maybe something traditional, or contemporary? We can do it! We are available for bridal parties

Henna Bellies

Prenatal/Preganant bellies is an astounding way to twist on a beautiful tradition! A lovely way to celebrate a memorable, special time in your life and to honor the beauty of a new life. We love collaborating with moms-to-be to create an original design that incorporates meaningful motifs that are important for the birth and transition into parenthood. We can do private sessions or baby showers.

Henna Crowns

We encourage those who have loss their hair due to cancer to embrace baldness. We want to empower everyone with a positive energy, a strength, and beauty to keep fighting. It is a beautiful way to ditch the wigs, hats, and scarves for a moment, and get a little edgy with it!

Private Events &
Birthday Parties

Have a special event!? We do birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, corporate events, social events, private parties, and more. Let us add a little edginess to your party, and make every guest feel special. 

About Henna

Henna comes from the plant Lawsonia inermis. This plant is widely harvested in South Asia, Middle Eastern countries or North Africa. The leaves are dried and grounded to create a powder, now used as a natural cosmetic since it posses a bonding collagen in skin--both protein and keratin that leave a  beautiful brown stain. 

Health & Safety

Unaltered, natural henna is safe and has been used for thousands of years. Our henna is natural, raw and vegan. Gluten Free. Absolutely NO Chemicals. Absolutely No metallic salts. 

Allergy Warning:
Although henna is natural and chemical free, for those who maybe allergic to certain plants or plant based products, we recommend a skin test before full application. We do mix our henna powder with lemon juice, tea tree oil and sugar. We offer a free consultation. 

Henna Application & After-Care

Henna can be placed anywhere on the body, with that, the thicker your skin area the darker the stain will be. The longer you leave it on the skin the darker the stain, the longer it last. Once the henna is applied to the skin it takes at least half and hour for it to dry. When the surface of the paste is no longer shiny and has a matte finish. When it gets to that point, and before it starts to crack we will apply a sealer to protect the henna as it sits into your skin. We will apply  some lemon sugar paste onto the surface of the henna and then we will wrap it in Hypafix gauze tape too protect it. This keeps the henna from drying too fast and flaking off. If it flakes off it's not going to stay on your skin any longer. It is important to keep the area of your skin warm where the henna was applied because it will help the stain become darker. We recommend leaving the paste on for 6 hours if the design is on your hands and feet. The further the henna from your hands and feet the less the henna takes. So for your arms and legs we recommend leaving it on for eight hours. Anywhere on the torso, chest, back or stomach it is best to leave it on for at least 12 hours. In addition to how long you leave the paste on you will have to keep water away from it until the allotted time is complete. 


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