As Real As It Gets

Top Quality & Custom Made

To artist attention to detail matters most, so we hand craft have an extensive interviewing process to hire the best artist and entertainers with years of experience. We also have them volunteer as ways to teach leadership, and improve their skills  This is how we ensure that the quality is unlike any other. 

We find it important to communicate that our costumes are not purchased from a Halloween store or from China, they are pieces of art specifically made to make each magical event memorable and amazing. You will notice the difference if you have gone with another company in the past. We communicate that all products of supplies we use for the arts are most top brands. Some even being biodegradable, like our balloons to encourage environmental sustainability. 

Spectacular Quality

Never settle for anything less than best for your child, that is the kind of quality we offer. We don't just dress up in a costume, but bring your child's character parties to life. 

We don't just paint lines, nor just blow up one plain balloon. We get creative, spunky, sparkly, glittery, awesomeness for your event. All work is hand made and hand drawn.

We pride ourselves in every detail, presentation and professionalism to make the whole experience of your event an unforgettable one. 

Never Settle For Less

Ready To Experience It For Yourself?

Take a moment to see if the character, or artist and date you want is available. 


Washington, D.C.

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