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Washington, D.C.

High Society Affairs

"Sculpture On The Human Form" 

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The ingenuity of each design, created with precision, cleverness, and innovation. Edgy Elani Artisan Events is partnered with ManneqArt, an international arts and education non-profit that inspires creativity. We want to be at your next event to showcase some of the most beautiful pieces we have to offer in Washington, D.C.. We have over hundreds of sculptures to choose from to fit your gala theme. At your next event imagine a bedazzling, unique artistic creation, and astound your audience who appreciate the aesthetics of handmade art.

    original. classy. unique artistic form.

PRICING: $600 for 2 hr minimum

Details: Free delivery of model with sculpture. 

Policy: models cannot be touched, each sculpture piece was made by hand and can be worn down if often touched. These sculptures are handmade, from artists all over the United States, with over hundreds of hours dedicated to each piece. They must be respected like any art piece hung in any art gallery. 

More Sculptures to Choose From!! ManneqArt has over hundreds of sculptures, we recommend you contacting us for a free consultation. We will review the "theme" or "vision" of your event, and can provide you with different sculpture options we feel would best fit your event.