We're The Company You Can Count On

We Do It For The Children & Community

We Do It To Support The Arts & Creativity

We don't claim to be perfect, but we strive to ensure that each event is edgy, unique, special, and a memorable one for everyone involved - children and the community is the reason we do what we do. Nothing is more heartbreaking then letting a child down, let alone anyone on their special day.

We have the best leaders on our team that seek to find ways for us to improve each time, and ways to provide better service all year-round.

Reliability That Feels Good

100 % Money Back Guarantee

When we say we are going to be there, we mean it. However, in the event that all of our entertainers are kidnapped by villiains, we do offer 100% money back guarantee. 

Ready to Experience It For Yourself?

Take a moment to see if the characters or artist and date you want is available.


Washington, D.C.

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